Queer Tech Club runs entirely on donations and sponsorships. We are always looking for companies, organizations, and individuals to sponsor our monthly events.

Sponsorship for a single month starts at $650 and covers the costs of drinks, snacks, and supplies for an event. In exchange for your sponsorship, we will do the following:

  • List the sponsor on the meetup page along with the company logo for one month
  • Post twice on our Facebook page thanking the sponsor and with a message of the sponsor’s choice (pending approval)
  • Post twice on our Twitter account thanking the sponsor
  • Distribute literature, freebies, or other handouts at the event itself by placing it at the bar or sign up table
  • Allow for a 5 minute presentation at the event itself where the sponsor can talk about their business, jobs available, etc.

By sponsoring Queer Tech Club, you are not only supporting a great community of tech enthusiasts, but you are also showing the tech community that your company is one that values diversity. This has a huge impact on recruiting and retention!

In order to sponsor an event, please reach out to Sarah Goldberg at sarah.e.goldberg@gmail.com or email queertechlub@gmail.com.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


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