• Process Payroll for 15 Clients all over the USA.
  • Train new employees.
  • Manage a team of 13 Client Services Representatives.
  • Ensures that all accounts are processed and completed by the Client Services Representatives on a weekly basis.
  • Answers all questions and helps team members overcome problems when processing accounts.
  • Assists in or directly trains new Client Services Representatives ensuring they have the proper knowledge to perform the duties of their job.
  • Audits work of Account Managers and Client Services Representatives to ensure accuracy and timeliness of work product.
  • Develops and implement new policies and procedures for the department.
  • Interviews, hires and conducts annual performance reviews for Account Managers and Client Services Representatives.
  • Coach, council and mentor subordinates; work with subordinates to improve performance.
  • Determines work procedures, prepares work schedules, expedites workflow and provides backups to team members for client services.
  • Studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency of subordinates.
  • Make sure special instructions are kept update for all clients.
  • Review invoices on a weekly basis to ensure that they are going out in a timely manner.
  • Balance weekly Fee Calculation report to ensure all client fee are set up and calculating properly.
  • Review Client Services responsibilities for the UPAR report to ensure that accounts do not have billing or rate discrepancies.
  • Process Client File Audits to ensure all files are kept up to date.
  • Process monthly Sales Tax payments on behalf of client’s.
  •  Process monthly and quarterly Workers Comp tax payment to the state of OH
  • Process weekly payments for 401K, Roth, Insurance, Contractor’s Plans, and Pay Cards.
  • Process a Client Tax Set up Audit to ensure that all clients are set to the correct client state and tax information.
  • Audit End Users contact information by ensuring that all new end-users sent to Damian are sent with the correct contact and phone number information.




1996-2001 BA Communication