Geek Out With Coding Dojo

We have a really awesome event planned for April!

Coding Dojo, a coding school with locations throughout the country, is providing the holy trinity of Meetup necessities for this month (space, food, and drinks). What more could you ask for? As if that wasn’t enough, their school is conveniently located in the North Loop and we are going to kick things off at 6:00 so all you Loop-based techies can just casually meander on over after work. There’s no excuse not to be at this event!

Coding Dojo is unique because they teach not just 1, and not just 2, but 3 (THREE!) stacks in their 14 week course. If you are looking to get into coding this is a pretty good way to get an overview of the latest web technologies. As a boring PHP developer I feel like I could learn a thing or three from them (they teach Ruby, Python, and MEAN).

Here’s Coding Dojo in their own words:

Today, Coding Dojo is the only school in the world to teach three full stacks of software development in 14 weeks: an ability only acquirable through years of refinement and only enabled by a staff of seasoned web developers through decades of programming experience. Our commitment to quality has produced a polished curriculum and well-rounded course structure, which we continue to improve with every new cohort. Given the rapid growth of technology, we believe that our school must act likewise: to be adaptive, versatile, and most of all highly relevant.

Please don’t forget to thank Coding Dojo and please spread the word about this event. Your attendance helps us attract more great sponsors and allows us to hold more frequent events.